Smart Views


Merging courses in Blackboard is an efficient way of managing multiple course sections. However, sometimes you just want to review one section at a time in the grade center. Creating a smart view will allow see and switch between sections at will.

1. Go to your Blackboard Course>> Gradecenter>>Full Grade Center and select Manage>>"Smart Views".

Grade Center Smart View Button


2. On the next screen select "Create Smart View". Type in and select these options. Then Submit

  • Name: This is a label for your smart view.
  • Add as a favorite: will add your smart view to the left menu.
  • Custom: Will allow you to "filter by Child Course ID". The Child Course ID is the section you want to filter by. A Child Course ID is this naming convention: term_twodigityear_coursenameandnumber_twodigitsection; EXAMPLE: winter19_cmm359_01.
  • All columns will show all grade center columns.

Smart View Settings


3. Select Your saved Smart View on the left menu under the Grade Center Heading.

Smart View Link


4. Your smart view for this section is displayed. Repeat the process for each section.

Filtered Smart View


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