Setting a Course Banner Image


Personalize your course banner by using our PowerPoint template. We’ve created the perfect size banner for your course. All you have to do is add the images and text. Make a unique one for each class with an app you’re familiar with or use our template.

1. Download and open the PowerPoint template.

Completed Banner


2. When open in Power Point; Insert a Background by going to Design >> Format Background >> Picture or Texture Fill. Select "Insert picture from file". Then select your background image.

Banner Background Image


3. Use "Word Art" from the Insert Tab to label your banner. Customize it by using the Word Art Styles, Effects and Fills.

word art styles features


4. Save the banner as an image by going to File>>Save As>> Your Save Area on your computer. Label the new banner and use the setting "JPEG" for "Save as type".

save as banner


5. Upload your Banner to your Blackboard Course by going to Your Course >> Left Menu >> Customization >> Teaching Style. New Banner Image >> Select Banner.  Submit.

Banner Placement


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