Logging into LinkedIn Learning with a new account


LinkedIn Learning (accessed through my.newpaltz.edu) connects learners with quality content to develop their skills and achieve their goals. Their staff instructors are industry experts who develop engaging, top-quality courses on a wide range of topics, including creative, business, and technology skills. All faculty, staff, and students have access to LinkedIn Learning. We encourage you to explore topics regularly and integrate these lessons into your course space for remedial, additional or core concept lessons.

1. To access LinkedIn Learning, login into my.newpaltz.edu and look for LinkedIn Learning under the Resources heading. You'll need to set up your account before using LinkedIn Learning for the first time.

2. After selecting the LinkedIn Learning link, you will see a notification that you have access to LinkedIn Learning.  You can connect LinkedIn Learning to your LinkedIn account if you wish to show badges earned in LinkedIn Learning on your LinkedIn profile; follow the prompts to link the accounts.  If you don't want to link your accounts, choose "Continue without LinkedIn." 

LinkedInLearning Account Connection

3.  On the next step, choose "Don't connect my account."

Linked In Learning connect account screen


4. LinkedIn Learning will ask you to set up some learning goals. Proceed through to the next screen by selecting "Sounds Good."

LinkedInLearning Profile Start Screen

5.  On this screen, choose "Show me all" and select one or more categories.

Category Exploration Screen

LinkedIn Learning Category Screen


6. After you continue, set a personal weekly goal or choose "Maybe Later."

Weekly Learning Goal Screen

7.  You're all set. You can start learning or log back in through my.newpaltz.edu later to continue any lessons.

Start Learning Screen


*LinkedIn may change setup options from time to time, whenever possible skip through these initial screens not mentioned here upon first time login.



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