What is eduroam? How can I use it?


eduroam (short for "education roaming") is a secure global roaming Wi-Fi access service for the education and research communities. Connecting your device to the eduroam network provides you with Internet access while on campus and allows you to automatically obtain free Internet access while visiting other participating institutions. Visitors to our campus from participating institutions can utilize our Wi-Fi network for free Internet access in the same way.

SUNY New Paltz provides eduroam service on campus for both local users and visitors throughout all of our Wi-Fi footprint.

Participating Locations

Maps of participating locations where the eduroam Wi-Fi network can be found:

How eduroam works

Wireless devices must be configured to connect to the eduroam wireless network that is visible on the campuses of participating locations. Each user of eduroam configures their devices to sign into eduroam using their credentials from their home institution. This means that SUNY New Paltz students, faculty, and staff need to setup their wireless device to connect to the eduroam Wi-Fi network using their SUNY New Paltz credentials.

When you visit another campus that has eduroam service your device will notice and securely connect to the remote campus Wi-Fi network.  Behind the scenes the remote campus Wi-Fi system will coordinate with your home institution (aka SUNY New Paltz) to confirm your SUNY New Paltz username and password are correct. Once the home institution gives the thumbs up the remote campus Wi-Fi network will allow you on their network for Internet access. This happens automatically. Once a device is setup for eduroam it should "just work" when visiting other participating locations.

Setting Up Your Device

While on the SUNY New Paltz campus open your device's WiFi settings and tell your device to connect to the eduroam network.

When prompted for your username enter your SUNY New Paltz Username followed by @newpaltz.edu. This means if your username is myusername then you should enter as your username myusername@newpaltz.edu. Enter your password as you normally would.

Please see our guides for setting up your device on eduroam for more detailed step by step instructions for your device.




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