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Update - 05/31/2023

Brightspace Community upgraded to single-sign on (SSO) as of 05/31/2023, so faculty and staff who created accounts prior to this date, must update their account to continue using the Brightspace Community site.  Once the account is upgraded, the Learning Center will will use the same login information as the Product Idea Exchange.  Follow the instructions on to upgrade your Brightspace Community account.  

Important, please note: using the Brightspace Community is completely optional and the SSO account you create for the Learning Center and Product Idea Exchange is NOT related to your campus single-sign on account for New Paltz systems and services.  For security reasons, when you update or create a Brightspace Community account do not use the same password that you use for your New Paltz account.


The Brightspace Community Site is free to use, and has been designed as the primary destination for D2L's Community of Clients, Educators, Administrators, Developers, Learners, and Staff to:

  • Find product information, release notes, documentation, videos and webinars
  • Share product ideas with D2L, and your knowledge & resources with others
  • Connect with other users and D2L staff through membership and discussion forums

The Brightspace Community on Youtube

The Brightspace Community is the primary destination for D2L’s community of staff, clients, partners, users, and developers, to find answers, share knowledge, and connect with each other.

Brightspace Ticket: Support and Services

The associated support ticket form covers all types of BrightSpace requests, including questions about the migration and training materials.




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