Email Lists: All Student Email List Policy


All-students Mailing List Policy

This is a mailing list for official campus business or messages that students need to know about.  All active students are automatically subscribed to this list, and cannot be unsubscribed while they are still active at the University.

This list should be used sparingly.  Most messages meant to go through to the student body should be sent as part of the Daily Digest sent by the Office of Communication and Marketing (as per the announced change for the lists from Spring 2020).  If your message is not critical - please contact for inclusion in the daily digest.

This list is moderated, so there may be a delay before messages sent to this list are distributed, especially outside of normal business hours.

Appropriate messages for this list include (for example): Campus service changes/outage information, campus policy changes, student governance information, human resources information, messages about student advisers/services, or other critical information.

They should not include any messages unrelated to SUNY New Paltz, or messages about items lost and found. 

If you are in doubt as to what should or should not be posted, please contact the Office of Communication and Marketing via




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