Adding Panopto videos to Brightspace


Panopto is a great service with many features:

  • it stores audio and video content for faculty
  • it plays content in the browser so no extra audio/video players are needed
  • You can record videos, lectures, or your screen
  • it has closed captioning options to meet accessibility requirements

Adding video lecture content has many points to consider. Follow this guide IMPROVE NARRATED LECTURES: GUIDELINES when creating your video assignment in this module later.

Adding narrated lectures promotes:

​​​​​For a how-to on Adding Panopto Video to Brightspace see this video
Adding videos using this method will automatically grant students access to a Panopto video without the need to adjust video permissions, or sharing settings.

For more Panopto Features see their videos

Source: OSCQR Standard 1, 3540

Brightspace Ticket: Support and Services

The associated support ticket form covers all types of BrightSpace requests, including questions about the migration and training materials.




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