Adding a Printer - Windows 7


If this is your first time printing wirelessly from your laptop or your first time printing to a particular printer, you will need to install the printer on your computer and then after installing the printer you can print to it as often as you want.

1. Find the printer you would like to use by clicking the link below. Highlight and copy the ‘Printer Link’ for the desired printer (ex.

List of Wireless Printers on campus - Academic Buildings and Residence Halls

2. Open the Windows 'Start Menu' and click on 'Devices and Printers'.

3. Click on 'Add a Printer' .

4. Click on 'Add a Network, Wireless, or Bluetooth Printer' .

5. Your computer will begin searching for printers; click 'Stop' and then click on 'The printer that I want isn't listed' .

6. In the 'Add Printer' dialog box, paste the printer link you copied in Step 1; then, click 'Next'.

7. From the 'Add Printer Wizard' dialog box, select HP as the manufacturer (unless otherwise noted). Then, if you installed the HP Universal PostScript Driver, select that from the list of printers ('HP Universal Printing PS;' it should be at the end of the list); if you did not install the Universal Driver, you will need to check the series number of the printer you selected and find the printer model that most closely matches that number. When you have made both selections, click 'Ok'.

8. When the printer has been successfully installed, you will receive a success message; click 'Finish' to exit the installation area.

9. Now you can print your document as you normally would; make sure to select the printer that you just installed!



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