Blackboard Copy / Merged Sections Request Form

Course or Community Copies: Cut down on the amount of time you spend building your Blackboard course(s) or community(ies) by copying content from previous semesters.

Merge Section Enrollments: Cut down on the amount of time you spend administering your Blackboard course or courses by merging the enrollments of multiple sections or multiple courses.

Features and Benefits

Course / Community Copies Merge Section Enrollments
  • Move materials en masse from one course or community to another.
  • Maintain the organization and setup of your course or community across sections or from semester to semester.
  • Quickly and easily combine enrollments from multiple sections of the same course or two different (but related) courses.
  • Students who register late will automatically be added to your merged section.
  • Can combine course sites for two different instructors for a team teaching platform.

Authorized Users

  • Faculty
  • Staff

Request Process

  • To request a copy and/or merged sections, click on the "Submit a ticket" button to the top right.

User Responsibility

  • The faculty or staff member requesting the merge and/or copy must submit a request ticket that provides full information about the Blackboard sites to be copied. 

Requirements and Prerequisites

  • For best results, have course or community copies performed by IT staff.
  • If you need to merge section enrollments and want to also copy your course, complete the merge first so the materials can be copied directly into the merged course.  
  • Request tickets must be completely filled out to be submitted.
  • If you are not the instructor of record for all courses, your request will need to be verified by any other named instructors.

Hours of Availability

  • Request tickets can be submitted 24 hours a day

Customer Costs

  • There is no fee for this service.


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