Lecture Capture Support Request

Record a lecture for later viewing (streaming video)

Features and Benefits:

  • Produce high-resolution, high-quality recordings.
  • Simultaneously record live lectures and the accompanying presentation materials (slides, video, etc)
  • Content may be quickly shared with other universities or institutions.
  • Recordings can be embedded into Blackboard for course specific viewings.

Request Process:

  • For a scheduled recording
    • Fill out and submit request form
    • Wait for response (within 48 hours)
      • Submission of this form does not constitute a finalized request
    • Select the appropriate option on the touch panel at the scheduled time and place
  • For an Ad hoc recording
    • Select the appropriate option on the touch panel to record an Ad hoc recording
    • Submit a request form here to have the video moved into your Ensemble account

User Responsibility:

  • Please discuss with your presenters the (rare) possibility of equipment or network failure
  • We will need a current copy of your most recent schedule to help us plan your support services accordingly
  • If you are using a Mac laptop to display your content, you will need to provide a VGA adapter to avoid recording issues

Requirements and Prerequisite:

Requirements and Prerequisite:

  • Please be aware that we have no staff regularly scheduled to work on weekends.  If you are requesting weekend services, please tell us as soon as possible so we can make arrangements to be here
  • Before recording a guest lecturer, you must get their permission in writing. Please print and sign the Guest Lecturer Release Form

For more information, walk in to the Service Desk in Humanities 103 or call 845-257-HELP (4357).
To request technology assistance and support, submit a ticket.
For a one-on-one demonstration of Lecture Capture technology, request an orientation.

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