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The Office of Communication and Marketing collaborates with Information Technology Services in the administration of the Campus Digital Signage. The signs consist of a digital display, controller hardware, and the signage software, and are managed by requesting departments/buildings/programs. OCM maintains templates for all signs and provides training on the use of the content management tools used to manage the signs.

Features and Benefits:

  • Digital signs display multi-media content that can be delivered in minutes to various locations.
  • Signs can be configured to load dynamic content from various data sources, including weather, news, and events feeds from on or off campus.

Authorized Users:

  • Faculty
  • Staff
  • Graduate/Teaching Assistants

Request Process:

  1. Requesting departments must log a request for a sign in a particular location.
  2. All requests for NEW signage locations will be vetted by Information Technology Services for viability.
    • New signage locations will need power and data connections, as well as adequate wall space in compliance with health and safety standards.
  3. Once approved, requesting department will provide funds for digital sign and any required hardware, including the content player (a computer that connects to the TV), mounting hardware, etc., along with any software license costs.
  4. Requesting department must identify a content manager who will be responsible for updating the content on an on-going basis
    • This individual will be provided training in the use of the content manager by OCM

When the initial request is made, Information Technology Services staff will meet with you to discuss your needs, and any costs.

User Responsibilities:

  • Each department should decide on a strategy for what they plan to use the digital signage for before purchasing it, as well as determine who will be making the content updates.
  • Content updates on all digital signs are the responsibility of the requesting department.

Requirements and Prerequisites:

  • Basic knowledge of Windows systems
  • Ability to create content in an application like Powerpoint.

Hours of Availability:

  • Information Technology Services staff will discuss with the requesting department an appropriate schedule for the digital signage (typically signs are only left active when the building is open to the public).
  • Content may be placed on the digital signage via the content manager at any time.

Customer costs:

  • Digital display/TV.
  • Computer to run the content player software.
  • Licensing costs for the signage software.
  • Mounting hardware for computer and/or display.
  • Other costs may apply depending on the desired location and number of screens.


  • Click “Digital Signage Request” above to have Information Technology Services contact you about your signage needs
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