Application For Student Employment - Media Operator

Media Operator

Job Category Technical (Non-Web)
Job Description Media Operators are the first responders when faculty members or campus guests need support in the classrooms or during events that take place on campus. Each student is assigned a log that lists their daily jobs. Typical duties include: • Set-up and operation of various types of audio/visual and computer equipment • Work in a variety of campus locations with AV equipment; including camcorders, video and data projectors, microphones, etc. • Set up computers to various display devices • Recording lectures and high profile events using video and or audio equipment • Possess strong verbal and written skills • A solid understanding of non-linear timeline editing. (File based network system experience is preferred).
Job Requirements No experience is necessary, but the candidate should be willing to learn the operating procedures of the above equipment. Care and routine cleaning of this equipment will be part of the duties incurred.


Service ID: 32140
Fri 1/4/19 8:49 AM
Tue 5/19/20 1:04 PM