Application For Student Employment - Assistant Asset Manager

Assistant Asset Manager

Job Category Technical (Non-Web)
Job Description The Assistant Asset Manager is mainly responsible for assisting in the inventorying, deploying, and surplussing of assets. S/he may also assist in building and wiring of new and upgraded instructor stations, troubleshooting incident reports in live classrooms, and supporting office staff in the case of technical emergencies. 
Job Requirements No experience is necessary, but the candidate should be willing to learn the operating procedures of the above description. 

Preferred Qualifications

  • Computer or general AV technology experience
  • Computer programming experience
  • Excellent organizational skills, punctuality, and sense of humor

Please note: Our roster is currently full and we are unable to hire further student help. However, please feel free to submit an application in case a position opens.



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Fri 1/4/19 9:01 AM
Tue 5/19/20 1:10 PM