New Paltz Default Blackboard Course Shell

The New Paltz Default Shell is a course template in Blackboard that is pre-built with features that take into consideration course design best practices and also follow the SUNY Course Quality Rubric (OSCQR).  Using the default course shell helps faculty create courses that are consistent and predictable, which reduces cognitive load on students and makes it easier for them to get to the content and assignments they need.  The shell is beneficial for faculty who are new to creating online courses, but also for more experienced faculty who want to help ensure a consistent student experience in online courses across the New Paltz campus.  The shell offers these key features:

  • Default main menu, so students know exactly where to go
  • Incorporated web-conferencing links for synchronous sessions
  • Pre-built module folders
  • Placeholder areas that explain where content should go
  • Prompts to add materials or information
  • Accessible syllabus template can be downloaded
  • Pre-initiated Ally accessibility report – just click to get score!
  • Links to support for academics, technology, and wellness
  • Link to the Student Online Learning Orientation
  • Remote Learning Survey (with health/wellness check-in)

All current faculty have been added to a preview version of the shell (in a student role), so they can look at what the shell has to offer.  Once you’ve decided you would like to use the default shell in your own courses, you can put in a request for a copy of the shell through our support ticketing system.

The shell works best when building or rebuilding a course from scratch, but if you already have some content in Blackboard that you’d like to incorporate with the shell, please request a consultation with an instructional designer in the Office of Instructional Technology before requesting the copy.

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