Audio Visual Requests

Please note that all requests are subject to approval

Video Playback Issue

  • Report an issue with playing a Mediasite or Panapto video

Event / Conference Support Request

  • Request audio/visual support for an event or (web) conference
  • Please discuss with your presenters the (rare) possibility of equipment or network failure
  • We will need a current copy of your most recent brochure or schedule to help us plan your support services accordingly
  • Please include us in the very early stages of your conference planning. We can help you choose spaces that meet your needs for technology and capacity
  • We require at least two weeks notice for support. Late notice may result in an inability to provide technical support the day of the event.

Equipment Loan Request

  • Request the temporary loan of audio/visual equipment
    • For academic purposes only (not personal use)
  • We do not loan equipment directly to students, faculty must take responsibility and sign out equipment

Video Transfer Request

  • Request the transfer of media from one format to another
    • Be aware of possible copyright restraints regarding transferring medium of content

Installation Request

  • Request the permanent installation of audio/visual equipment
    • Secure funding source (including recurring and maintenance costs)

Training Request

  • Request familiarization with campus audio/visual equipment prior to a class, event, conference, or club meeting
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