Audio Visual Requests

Please note that all requests are subject to approval

Video Playback Issue

  • Report an issue with playing a Mediasite or Panapto video

Event / Conference Support Request

  • Request audio/visual technical support for an event or conference
    • Review the Planning Guide
    • See the Price List 
      • NOTE - Only outside organizations will be charged, SUNY New Paltz events do not require payment for technical support
    • If your event requires the use of a podium, please review our Special Event Podiums and make sure to request the correct style podium for your event
    • ITS does not provide furniture, however you may submit a Work Request Form with facilities for additional furniture. Please make sure to include your event confirmation number from Records and Registration when submitting your request to Facilities.  The Facilities Work Request Form can be found by logging into ( > Employee Resources > Facilities Work Request Form)
    • We will need a current copy of your most recent brochure or schedule to help us plan your support services accordingly
    • Please include us in the very early stages of your conference planning. We can help you choose spaces that meet your needs for technology and capacity
    • We require at least two weeks notice for support. Late notice may result in an inability to provide technical support the day of the event
    • Please discuss with your presenters the (rare) possibility of equipment or network failure

Equipment Loan Request

  • Request the temporary loan of audio/visual equipment
    • For academic purposes only (not personal use)
    • We do not loan equipment directly to students, faculty must take responsibility and sign out equipment

Video Transfer Request

  • Request the transfer of media from one format to another
    • Be aware of possible copyright restraints regarding transferring medium of content

Installation Request

  • Request the permanent installation of audio/visual equipment
    • Secure funding source (including recurring and maintenance costs)

Training Request

  • Request familiarization with campus audio/visual equipment prior to a class, event, conference, or club meeting
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