Game Console, Media Player and IOT Device Registration

Game consoles; ebook readers, such as the Kindle Paperwhite; and various other media playing devices, such as BluRay players and Rokus, all require proper wireless authentication to work on-campus; however, these types of devices cannot be connected to the main NP Hawks WPA wireless network.  Instead, these devices are connected to a special wireless network named "NP Hawks DevNet," which requires you to register the MAC address for each applicable device through a self-serve website.  Follow the steps below to register a device:

Information you'll need:

  • Device type/name
  • MAC Address of device 


  1. Sign into using NPCUID and Password
  2. Click "Create Device"
  3. Enter a "Device Name" (e.g. Joe's XBox360)
  4. Enter the device's "MAC address"  [12 Digit address 0-9 and A-F] (e.g. 01-23-45-67-89-ab   or   01:23:45:67:89:ab)
  5. Logout out of Registration Page
  6. Configure your device by selecting the "NP Hawks DevNet" wireless network and entering the password "newpaltz"

If you are having any problems after you have verified you MAC address is correct, contact the Service Desk:
       Humanities 103


Once your console is registered by a network administrator you will need to configure your game console with the appropriate network settings.  Please consult the documentation that came with your console or the manufacturer’s website for information on how to install any needed hardware components and configure the network settings of the network adapter.

Generally speaking, all you should have to do is clear out any existing network settings and make sure you select the “Automatic” or “DHCP” options on the configuration screens dealing with IP address assignments.

If your console is experiencing any network related issues, please make sure you supplied the Academic Computing Help Desk with the correct MAC address and that you have cleared any existing network settings.


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