Auditing Classes

General overview

Auditing courses at SUNY New Paltz is completely at the discretion of the college and does not guarantee this access.  The audit privilege only permits the auditor to attend a course and to do assignments, it does not permit the auditor to take examinations in the course or to have his or her work evaluated in any other way. The auditor receives no grade for the course, nor is any record of course attendance kept in Records and Registration. Students may not change their enrollment status from audit to credit, or from credit to audit.

Audit privileges are not ordinarily available in studio, laboratory, or performance courses or courses where class participation of students is of major importance, nor are they available in credit-free courses offered by the institution or in any foreign study program or course.
Online courses cannot be audited.

Who can audit a class?

  • Registered students
  • Faculty and staff
  • Alumni of New Paltz
  • Persons over 60 years of age

 What is the procedure?

  • Obtain an audit form from Records & Registration or at: registrar/courseaudit.pdf
  • Fill out the course information.
  • Have the Instructor sign and date the form.
  • Have the Department Chair sign and date the form.
  • You must sign and date the form.
  • Have Academic Computing staff sign, date and copy form (HUM103 or VH Annex 155).
  • Get Student Accounts Approval stamp (Wooster 114) and pay any applicable fees.
  • Bring completed and stamped form to Records & Registration (Wooster 115).
  • Academic Computing will copy the form and forward to a Blackboard support person.
  • Audit forms will only be processed after the first week of classes and within 5 business days of submission thereafter.
  • The User ID and Password will be emailed to the user provided address on the form.

Services available to auditors

Services Yes  No 
Blackboard (Auditors account)  
Guest wireless  
NP UserID  
My.newpaltz account  
Classroom/Lab Login  
Classroom/Lab Printing (Print quota)  
Library Privleges / Databases  
Tutoring or other services  
Tech Support (except BB & wireless)  


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