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Lab Locations

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Building and Room Open or Schedulable
Atrium  Open
Coykendall Science Building (CSB) 118 Open
Coykendall Science Building (CSB) 119 Open (Mac Lab)
Coykendall Science Building (CSB) 145 Scheduable
Coykendall Science Building (CSB) 21 Schedulable
Coykendall Science Building (CSB) 29 Schedulable
Hasbrouck Dining Hall Open (Windows: 13, MAC: 11)
Humanities (HUM) 105B Open
Humanities (HUM) 107 Open
Humanities (HUM) 301 Schedulable
Lecture Center (LC) North Lobby Open
Lecture Center (LC) 110 Schedulable
Lecture Center (LC) 112 Schedulable
Old Main (OM) 131 Schedulable
Student Union Building (SUB) 100S Commuter Lounge
Vandenberg Hall (VH) 113 Business Department / Scheduable
Vandenberg Hall (VH) 115 Open
Vandenberg Hall (VH) 221 Business Department
Wooster Hall (WH) Lobby Open
Wooster Hall (WH) 335 Schedulable

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