VPN - Installing Cisco Secure Client on your Mac


This software should already be installed on campus issued and managed laptops and desktop computers. If your campus issued laptop or desktop PC is missing the Cisco Secure Client software please open a support ticket. You will not be able to install the software yourself without the assistance of Desktop Support.

The below guide is for installing the VPN client on personal devices.

Follow these directions to install Cisco Secure Client for Virtual Private Network (VPN) on your Mac. A valid New Paltz username and password is necessary to complete this process:

Step 1: To begin, use your web browser to go to vpn.newpaltz.edu.

Step 2: Choose "Split - Home Computers" from the Group pull down and click Login:

Screenshot of Duo group selection page

Step 3: A login window will come up.  Login with your New Paltz username & password as you do on other college sites).

Step 4: You'll be prompted to download the Mac OS X VPN application installer.  Click Download for macOS to download the needed file.

On the bottom right hand side of the webpage with the "Download for macOS" button is another button for Instructions. Click it for more detailed instructions on how to download and install the software.

Step 5: Open the downloaded archive file which was most likely placed in your Downloads folder. The downloaded file's name beings with "cisco-secure-client" and ends with ".dmg".

Step 6: Double click on the package file to begin the installation

Step 7: The Install Cisco Secure Client window should appear. Keep clicking Continue as needed to complete the installation process.

Step 8: After the installation process completes you may be prompted by Mac OS to allow the use of a System Extension named "Cisco Secure Client - Socket Filter". This System Extension is required for the VPN client to work.

Click Open System Preferences to open the Privacy & Security section of the System Settings app.

On the Privacy & Security section of the System Settings app on the right hide side you will see a notice that System software from application "Cisco Secure Client - Socket Filter" has been blocked from loading. Click the Allow button next to this notice to enable the needed extension.


Clicking the Allow button may prompt you to enter your Mac's local username and password.


The Cisco Secure Client should now be properly installed and ready to use.


After the application is installed, see the link below for instructions on using the application:

VPN - Using Cisco Secure Client




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