Physics Labs Lecture Capture

Video Link: Physics Labs Video Capture Demonstration 

Physics Labs Lecture Capture - Summary

• Touch the screen to wake the system.
• Select a "Content" input source if you are going to use one: PC, Doc Cam, or Apple TV.
• Press the "Capture" button (circle on the right)
• Select the type of recording (always "Ad Hoc"), either

  1. AdHoc meeting with Ensemble, or

  2. AdHoc meeting recorded to USB Drive

• If recording to a USB drive, make sure there is a flash drive in the CAM CAPTURE slot (not the computer!)
• Select recording type:

  1. Content and Camera (Picture in Picture)

  2. Content Only (either PC, Doc Camera, or Apple TV)

  3. Camera Only

A preview of the video should appear on the monitor at the instructor station.

• Check the presets – someone else may have changed them. Adjust to your liking:

  1.  To change a preset, adjust the camera position and zoom as desired, then PRESS AND HOLD a preset button to save those settings.

• Press RECORD to begin recording. It may take several seconds to show that it has started.

(but it has already been recording for a few seconds when the indicator appears).

• Announce your full name, date and course related information. 

• Tap the preset buttons to change the camera view as needed.

• Use the Home button to go to the main controls and change the "Content" source.

Use the "Capture" button to go back to the recording controls.

• Use the PAUSE button to pause recording. Press it again to continue (unpause).

• Use the STOP button to stop recording. It takes several seconds to finish.

• If recording to a USB drive:

  1. Leave the flash drive in the slot for at least 60 seconds to finish recording.

  2. Remember to take your flash drive.

• If using Ensemble, submit a ticket for

  1.  Audio Visual Support Services Request Lecture Capture Support

  2. Be sure to include the date, time, building and room number

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