Audio Conferencing with Webex

Did you know that Webex has traditional Audio conferencing and not just video conferencing? As always, you can create a video conference and simply join it without your camera on, however each person with a account has the capability to set up a maximum of 3 audio conferencing rooms. To set them up follow these steps:

1) Log in at
2) Click on “Preferences” on the left hand side
3) Click on “Audio and Video” on the resulting page
4) If you require international callers, you can select up to 2 other countries that you wish to have call in numbers for (The US number will always be there, these two are “in addition”). If you need more than 2 other countries for a single conference call, contact telecommunications at x3001.
5) Scroll down to “Personal Conferencing” and click on the “Generate an account” link
6) Hit Save

The following information will allow you to have telephone-only conference calls. The important information is as follows:

1) Audio PIN: This 4-digit number is your “password”. When combined with the Host Access Code from below, this lets Webex know that you are the host of the call.
2) US Toll – This is the US based call in number. It is normally 415-655-0001 however it can be different.
3) Host Access Code: This is the 8-digit number you use to identify to Webex that you are the host of the call
4) Attendee Access Code: This is the 8-digit number you send to attendees (along with the phone number)


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