Accessing ARMS software

ARMS is a web service used by Athletics & Wellness.  If you have not been granted access by Athletics you will not be able to access the site.  If you have been given access, see the instructions below:

  1. Go to - this will bring you to the ARMS sign on site.
  2. In the "Organization Name" box, type Paltz - then click on SUNY New Paltz when it comes up, and then Continue.
    Screenshot of ARMS organization selection page
  3. You'll be at the Microsoft login page.  On this page, enter your email address, not your address.
    Note: All students have addresses, but they are set by default to forward to their Hawkmail account.  The address is the same but with instead of  For example, if your Hawkmail is then your address is
    Screenshot of Microsoft 365 login page
  4. Your password is the same as you use on other college systems like Blackboard or


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