OSCQR Rubric + Annotated Explanation

OSCQR, the OpenSUNY Course Quality Review, is an open source rubric for assessing the inclusion and effectiveness of key components of an online course or the inclusion and effectiveness of online components of any course modality that includes digital learning.  

This article provides you access to two versions of the OSCQR rubric (see attached documents on this page):

  1. An accessible version of the rubric that has been simplified, so it is easier to fill out; individuals using the rubric should indicate whether or not each criteria has been met and then make any relevant notes (especially if further work or updates are necessary).  Additionally, each criteria links to the SUNY OSCQR site, which provides detailed information about how to meet criteria.  If you're not sure what a point means or how to implement it in your course, there is a lot of great information on the SUNY OSCQR site that will help guide you.
  2. An annotated version of the rubric is also available that explains how your course will be improved by meeting the criteria.  Courses that meet OSCQR standards are exemplary in their organization, consistency, accessibility, engagement, communication, and overall effectiveness.  The annotated rubric document also explains that you can meet many important criteria by adopting the New Paltz Course Shell.  This shell is a course template in Brightspace that is pre-built with features that take into consideration course design best practices and also follow the SUNY Course Quality Rubric (OSCQR).  By adopting the New Paltz Default Shell course template, you will have met a number of OSCQR criteria. 


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