Making and Receiving Phone Calls Using Cisco Jabber


Phonecalls on Jabber will operate very similarly to apps like Webex, Zoom, or Microsoft Teams. 

  1. When you receive a phonecall on Mac OS, you will see the following window pop up on the bottom right-hand corner of your screen (This is dependent upon notification settings)

  1. This window will show you the name of the caller, the line they are calling (if you have multiple lines available to you), and give you the option to accept/decline the call.
  2. If you accept the call, you will see the following window open up...

  1. This window will let you enable/disable your microphone or camera, transfer the call, merge the incoming call with an in progress call, or place the call on hold. Each of these functions can be done from the menu within the "three dots" next to the "End Call" button. 

NOTE: Depending on the settings of those in the call, you can also share your screen between parties using the button next to the camera toggle switch (box with arrow pointing up).


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