PlaySight Sports Video Platform

PlaySight is a sports event recording and live stream service.

Authorized users may use the PlaySight mobile app on iPhone/iPad and Android devices to record and view practices and livestream sports events.

Users who wish to manage recordings and livestreams will need the following:

  • User will need an iOS (iPhone/iPad) or Android device with the "PlaySight" app installed from the respective app store.
  • The mobile device running the PlaySight app MUST be connected to the NP Hawks WPA Wi-Fi network. This is required for "Instant Replay" to work. The mobile device should NOT be connected to the NP Hawks Devices, NP Hawks Guests, or eduroam Wi-Fi networks. (Ignore the password that the PlaySight app may display in popups about not being connected to the right wireless network.)
  • User will need access to a QR code used to "Login to a Smartcourt". Contact Athletics for this QR code.
  • User will need to create an account with the PlaySight cloud based service within the app if they have not already done so.
  • On the mobile device being used Location Services must be ON and the PlaySight app must be granted permission to use Location Services.

Once the app is setup on your mobile device you can use the same username and password from the PlaySight account you created while setting up the app on PlaySight's website to view and manage recordings:

For authorization QR codes contact Athletics. For support email the provider at Campus IT and the IT service desk cannot provide QR codes or PlaySight accounts.




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