SharePoint: How to add or remove site members


Once created - the requesting department, committee, club, or group is responsible for maintaining membership in your SharePoint site.  This includes adding new people, and removing those who have left or otherwise changed roles.

We recommend each SharePoint site has at least two site owners to manage membership so changes can be made if the primary site owner is not available.

  • Go to your SharePoint site.
  • Look at the top right where it says 'X members" (where 'x' is the number of current members of the site).  Click on that.  In the example below - the screenshot shows a site with 5 members but the number shown will vary from site to site.
    Screenshot showing SharePoint with the members button at top right.
  • Adding Members:
    • Type the name or email address of a member.  They should be other Office 365 users at New Paltz (if you need to add external guests - you will have to share folders instead of adding them to the entire site).
    • As you type a name or email address - names should come up from the auto-complete.  If you see the person you want to add - click on them.  If you don't - click the "Search Directory" button.
      Screenshot showing the add members window - with a test user being added as an example
    • Click Save when done
  • To remove a member, click the arrow next to their current role (owner or member) and choose "Remove from group".
    Screenshot highlighting arrow to change member role or remove them from the group​​​​​​​



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