Mail Merge from a Shared Account

To complete a mail merge from a shared account you will need the following setup already

> Outlook desktop application setup with your SUNY New Paltz primary email address

> Access to the shared account you will be sending from

> Recipient List


To send as a shared account from a mail merge you will need to setup an email profile for the shared account to use exclusively or it will send as your primary email

Step 1: Open the start menu, go down the appilcation list to windows system and select Control Panel

Step 2: Select the Mail application

Step 3: Choose the Show Profiles Option

Step 4: Add a profile

Step 5: Profile Name

Setup the profile with the name of the shared account

Step 6: Account Setup

Use the auto account setup and fill in the Full Name of the Shared Account as this will be the name field of the email sent and the shared account address in the email address field, do not put in a password

Step 7: Enter your email address

When prompted for a sign in type in your SUNY New Paltz email address

Step 8: Profile Created

As long as you have all green checks your account profile should be setup and you can move to the next step. If you have errors please review the above steps.

Step 9: Set Prompt

You will have to change the default profile information when starting outlook to "Prompt for a profile to be used"

Step 10: Outlook will now open with profile prompt

When you open outlook it will now prompt you as to which profile you want to use. When sending an email merge from the shared account select the shared account and not outlook (which is typically your SUNY New Paltz email address)

You will now be able to perform a mail merge as you normally would and as long as outlook is pen with the shared account profile it will send as the shared account.

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