Microsoft Authenticator - Getting Started

general information on the Microsoft Authentication system, see the page - Microsoft Authenticator - Frequently Asked Questions.

For information on the sign up process for this service, see below:

Activation process

  1. When your account is enabled for the Microsoft authenticator system - you will see the following screen when logging in.  Click "Next" on that screen.
    Screenshot of the initial prompt to setup the Microsoft MFA
  2. When you click "Next" you'll have the choice of two authentication types: Mobile app and Authentication phone.  If you have a smart phone - we recommend the "Mobile app" option.
    Screenshot of the prompt that asks what additional verification method should be used


If you choose the mobile app option

  • You will then have two other options:
    • "Receive notifications for verification" (meaning you'll get a pop-up on your phone which you'll have to confirm)
    • "Use verification code" (this means that when you log in - you'll have to go into the app and get the 6 digit code that it displays).
  • Choose one of these buttons (we recommend the first) and click Setup.  You will be shown a link to get the free Microsoft Authenticator app (for iPhone or Android) with instructions on how to setup the app, and a QR code to scan with your phone's camera.  Follow the instructions on-screen.
    Screenshot of the mobile app sign up page


If you choose the phone option

  • Change where it says "Select your country or region" to "United States" (or the country where your cell phone number is from if you have an international number), then click Next.
    Screenshot of the phone setup option
  • You will get a text message with a six digit code.  Enter that to verify your login.

With either the app or text message option, you can reduce the amount of times you need to do this verification by clicking "Yes" when asked to "Stay signed in?".  This is not recommended for shared computers - and will not work in classrooms or computer labs on-campus as those are set to reset every time they restart.

If you have any issues - please contact the Service Desk ( or 845-257-HELP).



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