Microsoft Teams - Sharing Files/Folders with non-team members

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By default - files within Microsoft Teams are accessible to any members of a Team.  Files within a private channel of a team are accessible to members of that private channel only.  There are times that you will want to share files/folders with people who are not in the Team. Here is how to do this.

Important notice: Before sharing - ensure you are not sharing sensitive information.  If unsure whether something should be shared - please email and describe what you are looking to share, and who you are looking to share it with.


  1. Go into your Teams site - and the channel (General or another channel) that you want to share files from.
  2. Click the Files tab.
  3. Click Open in SharePoint
    • Note: Each file store in teams is actually a SharePoint site.  You can only share with non-Team members from the SharePoint interface.
      Screenshot of a test team site - with the "Open in SharePoint" button highlighted

  4. Click the check box next to a file or folder you want to share, then click the Share button.
    Screenshot from SharePoint with the check box and share button highlighted

  5. Type one or more email addresses in the "To" box.  If the recipients are at New Paltz or in your address book they should come up as you type them.  if not - just type the email address of the recipient and click Enter.
    Screenshot showing adding a test user as a share
  6. By default - files/folders are shared with edit privileges.  If you want to make it read-only (so those you share with cannot edit or delete what you share) click People you specify can edit and uncheck Allow editing, then Apply.

    Screenshot of the Link Settings window with the allow editing button highlighted

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