Microsoft Editor

Microsoft Editor is a recent addition to the Microsoft 365 family and integrates directly into Word for Microsoft 365. It helps to check your grammar, find mistakes, make suggestions, and much more. It is a powerful tool that can help to improve your writing.



How Editor Works 

The Editor icon can be found in the home tab in Word for Microsoft 365 or using Word online through Office365


By clicking on the Editor icon in Word it will open up the Editor Score and show areas in your writing that can be improved

As you can see above this document has a score of 90 but there is still room for improvement. Clicking on any of the categories (Spelling, Grammar, Conciseness, and Insights) will move you to the identified area of the document where an issue is found allowing you to more easily correct it. While spelling and grammar corrections are fairly straightforward, conciseness and document stats can help with items such as passive voice and run-on sentences. 

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