OL 107C Classroom Technology Instructions

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The room capacity is: 25

OL 107C Room Image

OL 107C Room Image

To turn on the Projector

  • Press the DISPLAY ON button on the Crestron Control Panel
  • Please do not press any other buttons while DISPLAY ON is blinking

To display the Mac Computer

  • Power on the computer and log in
  • Press the MAC button on the Crestron Control Panel
  • Please note that only the Mac computer will display on the monitor

To display the Document Camera

  • Press the DOC CAM button on the Crestron Control Panel
  • The document camera will turn on automatically

To display an image from a HDMI source

  • Connect your equipment using a HDMI cable that you provide to the HDMI port on the front of the instructor station
  • Press the HDMI button on the Crestron Control Panel

To wirelessly display a personal Apple device through the Apple TV

To use the desktop microphone

  • This room is equipped with permanently installed microphones to be used for virtual meetings
  • Additional wired and wireless microphones are available upon request

For more information, walk in to the Service Desk in Humanities 103 or call 845-257-HELP (4357).
For a better understanding of audio visual technology, review the IT Glossary For Users.
Submit a ticket if you are experiencing a Classroom or Lab Technology Issue.
To loan AV technology, receive one-on-one AV technology training, and more, submit an Audio Visual Request.

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