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This article explains how to move your content from to (an external WordPress hosting service available to all faculty, staff, and students).  To consolidate services, will close for all hosting as of June 2023 and all content faculty and staff would like to preserve from a site can be moved to a Hawksites site.

Before you Begin

Before you move your content:

Exporting your content from

  1. Log in to your account at
  2. Select Dashboard and then Tools.
  3. From the Tools option on the main menu, select Export and then All Content.
  4. Download the file that is created and remember where you save the exported package.

faculty sites export dashboard


Importing your content to

  1. Log in to your account at

  2. Select Dashboard and then select Tools from the main menu.

  3. From the Tools menu, select Import.

hawksites import dashboard


4. On the next screen, select Advanced WordPress and then select Run Importer.

hawksites import dashboard


5. On the next screen, select Choose File.

6. Navigate to where you saved the downloaded export package from your site and select it.

7. When you return back to the import screen, select the button that says Upload File and Import

hawksites import file screen


Cleaning up your site

After following the steps in the previous section your file will be processed for import. The duration of the conversion will depend on the size and complexity of your site; some may be done within the hour while others may take a full day. Please note: during the export/import process from one system to another, not all of the page elements and tools will come over exactly the same and editing your course will require a working knowledge of campus press to create a more modern and up-to-date look. Now is a great time to re-imagine or update your online presence!  Here are some tips:

Delete any obsolete content in the following areas:

  • Posts
  • Pages
  • Plugins and widgets
  • Media
  • Broken links
  • Duplicate files
  • Old information
  • Old menu items

Update your site by:

  • Using responsive (mobile) and accessible themes
  • Creating pages and posts
  • Adding new widgets and plugins
  • Embedding multimedia and new images
  • Rebuilding your menu


A number of guides and support tips are embedded within this article, but if you have questions or need support after following this article and/or the linked guides, you can request help by submitting a Hawksites ticket.

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