Using the "Create a File" tool in Brightspace


The Create a file is a versatile tool for adding information, content, and files to a course. The create a file tool provides a text editor, which means you are able to provide any context for the item, why it is there, or what students should do with it!  Sometimes, the context may be as simple as stating that a reading is required or providing the bibliographic information about the file, but it is always better to give the student some information about why the file is appearing in the course or what its function may be, then to have it simply appear without explanation.  

Tutorial Video

This video demonstrates the difference between the "Upload File" tool and the "Create a File" tool.

Robust Text Editor

Part of what makes the item option appealing is the robust text editor, which allows for different formatting options; the use of color or other types of emphasis; and the ability to insert different types of media.  Just make sure you are following all guidelines for web accessibility when using the text editor to add any type of content to the course!

For more information on Creating a file, see Brightspace Documentation

Source: OSCQR Standard 19

Brightspace Ticket: Support and Services

The associated support ticket form covers all types of BrightSpace requests.

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