How to Create PDFs In Microsoft 365 and Use Adobe Acrobat DC

Save As PDF Feature in Microsoft 365 Applications


Save As PDF is different from Print to PDF to using the Adobe Plugin option because it translates the information you’d see on the printed page and converts it to a pdf file.


***The following example uses Microsoft 365 Word but the Save As PDF feature can be used in Word, Excel, PowerPoint, etc.


1. When the file is completed, select File in the upper left hand corner.

Screenshot showing the top bar in Microsoft Word (though the same option existsin PowerPoint, Excel, etc.)


2. Select Save As in the File menu.

Screenshot of Word with the File menu opened, with "Save As" highlighted


3. In the top right-hand corner, select Documents and select where the file should be saved. Enter the file name if necessary. In the drop-down box, select PDF. Then Save.

Screenshot showing the file save window, with the 'documents' folder highlighted (to select where to save it) and the Save button highlighted when done.


Please also refer to Adobe's Official Help Site for Tutorials and Help videos to learn more info about using Adobe Acrobat DC and its many features.


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