Upgrade Mac OS Using Self Service

This is the procedure to follow which will allow a user to upgrade their Mac OS to the NEWEST available from Apple.

Please make sure you have any and all important work saved at this point before continuing as reboots will be necessary.

If you have a Macbook Laptop, please make sure you have the power cord connected to proceed.


Open Finder and Navigate to the Applications Folder and Open the SUNY New Paltz App Store App


Find the "Install OSX Updates" option and Click the Install Button


You will then see a dialogue box indicating that the OS Installer is being downloaded.

After the installer is downloaded, you will be given this prompt.


Clicking the Confirm Button will start the installation process.

You will NOT be able to continue using the machine at this point until the install finishes and the Mac reboots.

Any issues or failures with this procedure please contact Desktop Support via this ticket form.

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