Attach a file

A few notes before the actual instructions:

  • The instructions below are for the web version of Office 365.
  • These instructions are for the newer version of Outlook Web Access.  You are using the "Old" Outlook if instead it says "Try the new Outlook" at the top right (If it says this - click "Try the new Outlook" to move to the new version).

Attach a file to an Outlook Web message 

  1. When creating an email - click the Attach button.
  2. You will be given two options - "Browse this computer" and "Browse cloud locations".
    • If you are looking to attach a file from your computer - choose "Browse this computer".  If attaching from your computer - just navigate to the file you want to attach.
    • If you are looking to attach a file from OneDrive or SharePoint - choose "Browse cloud locations".  If attaching from a cloud location - you can use the window that comes up to navigate.  It will default to recent files within your OneDrive.  You can choose "Files" (to view your full OneDrive) or "Groups" (to find files that are shared in Office 365 groups you are a member of) to look for other files.
  3. Repeat step 2 for any other files you are looking to attach.
  4. Finish your message as normal.


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