SUNY New Paltz - Officially Supported Web Browsers

The following is a list of the web browsers officially supported by SUNY New Paltz.  Use of other browsers may work but we are unable to provide support for these.

  • Google Chrome (latest version only)
  • Mozilla Firefox (latest version only)
  • Apple Safari (latest version only - only supported on iOS & Mac OS
    • Note: Though Safari is supported - we do not recommend in on Macs.  A number of campus services have issues with Safari.  We recommend Chrome or Firefox.

Microsoft Edge is not officially supported yet - but should work.  There are complications with Edge where if you have a Microsoft account connected to your computer, it may favor that instead of your New Paltz account on Office 365.

It is important to always keep up-to-date with the latest version of web browsers.  The vendors of these applications are continually providing security updates, but often only in the case of the latest version.  Not using the latest version of the browser can often leave you at greater risk for virus infection.

If you are using a college owned computer, the latest version updates will be automatically applied.


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