Recover Deleted Mail

When you delete mail (from any folder except "Deleted Items" or "Junk Email") it goes into the Deleted Items folder.  Any mail placed in the Deleted Items folder is kept there for 30 days, or until it is manually deleted from the Deleted Items folder (whichever comes first).

Your Deleted Items folder is meant to store mail for a period of time in case you inadvertently deleted something (or deleted something intentionally that you need later).  It isn't permanent though.

If you need something in your Deleted Items folder, just go there and either:

  • Drag and drop one or more messages to your Inbox (or whatever other folder you want the messages in)
  • or click the "Restore" button (to the right of the "New message" and "Delete" buttons.


When something is deleted from the Deleted Items folder, it goes into the Recovery Area for another 30 days.  To access the recovery area, go to your Deleted Items folder and click "Recover items deleted from this folder" at the top.
Screenshot of deleted items folder with recover items link highlighted


When in the Recoverable Items area, you can restore items the same way as when you're in your Deleted Items folder.

WARNING: You are able, while in the Recoverable Items area, to delete mail permanently.  Any mail that is purged is unrecoverable - we strongly recommend caution when using this.

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