Share your Office 365 Calendar with Google Calendar Users - Outlook Web Access

Warning: Doing this makes your calendar publicly accessible to anyone that has the URL of the calendar.  We do not recommend doing this and do not support it.


Sharing an Office 365 Calendar with a Gmail user

  1. Log into Office 365, go to your Calendar.
  2. Click Share at the top right and select Calendar (to share your default calendar) or choose another of your calendars to share.
  3. Enter email address of Gmail account that you want to share this calendar with.
  4. Optional: Adjust the permissions (note - you can only share read-only with external users)
  5. Click Send

Accepting a Calendar share on GMail

These instructions are for the recipient of the share

  1. Open Google email and find the share email (subject line by default is "I'd like to share my calendar with you"
  2. Look for the link that ends in ".ics".
  3. Right click on that link and choose Copy Link Address.
  4. Open Google Calendar
  5. Next to “Other Calendars” click the down arrow select Add by URL
  6. Paste the *.ics link copied from step 3
  7. Click “Add calendar”


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