Deleting or Restoring a Contact or Contact List

You can delete contacts or contact lists that you created or imported into Outlook on the web. You can't delete contacts that you get by connecting to a social network account, such as LinkedIn.

You can recover contacts and contact lists that you deleted less than 30 days ago. When you recover a contact or contact list, Outlook on the web automatically places it in the My Contacts folder.

To delete a contact or contact list

  1. Go to the People section (via the icon at the bottom left).
  2. people icon
  3. Select the contact or contact list.
  4. Click on Delete at the top.

To restore a contact or contact list

  1. Go to the People section.
  2. Go to Deleted on the left
  3. Click on a contact or contact list that you want to restore.
  4. Click Restore (either at the top, or on the right).


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