Eligibility for Information Technology Services

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Eligibility is based on your affiliation with the College. People in different roles, or in multiple roles, have differing levels of access to services.


Currently registered Students

  • All students registered for one or more credit bearing courses are eligible for access to the following services
  • With the exception of my.newpaltz.edu & Hawkmail, only currently registered students are eligible for these services.
  • Students on an approved leave of absence are considered registered students under this policy.
  • Graduate students wishing to retain access to services while working on a thesis or other independent study should register for their department’s one credit Continued Registration course. See the Graduate Office for more information.
  • Individuals who are auditing courses are not considered registered students under this policy.

Once a student is no longer enrolled in courses (due to graduation, withdrawal from College, or any other reason for non-enrollment) they will continue to have access to the above services for a grace period lasting several months (until the mid-point of the following Fall or Spring semester). If after that time, if a student does not register for any further courses, access to the above services (except for my.newpaltz.edu) will be removed. At least one month notice will be given before access is terminated. Notice is sent only to the campus e-mail account.

Faculty and staff

  • Faculty and staff (who are currently employed directly by SUNY New Paltz) are eligible for the following services:
    • an account on the Administrative LAN (local employees only)
    • a New Paltz e-mail account (Office 365)
    • Blackboard
    • my.newpaltz.edu
    • Use of the computer labs, including printing
    • Wireless network on campus
    • Library services (database, interlibrary loan, etc.)
    • access to the Banner student system or the Argos reporting system (requires special authorization)
    • All other services granted via your New Paltz Computer Accounts - see our service catalog on this site for more information.
  • Students acting as teaching assistants or graduate assistants will be treated as faculty/staff while they are in their TA/GA position.
  • Faculty and staff on sabbatical are considered current employees under this policy, though access to Argos and/or Banner may be restricted during this time.
  • Adjunct faculty who teach at least one semester in a one year period are considered active. Access may be terminated after one full year of inactivity.
  • Research Foundation employees are considered New Paltz Faculty/staff under this policy.
  • Faculty and staff who require access to Banner or Argos will need to have their department chair or director request this in writing. They should send open an account request at www.newpaltz.edu/accountrequest. It is the responsibility of the chair or director to immediately notify Information Technology Services if an employee with such access changes departments, or leaves the employ of the college.
  • Access for faculty/staff can be terminated without notice at the request of Human Resources.

Special Cases

  • Retired faculty and staff may retain access to some services (e-mail, wireless access, library services, etc.) but not others (Admin LAN, Argos, Banner, etc.).  This included personal web space, but only if the faculty or staff member previously had a site before they retired.  We are unfortunately unable to provide technical support to retired faculty and staff.
  • College affiliates and outside contractors (including Campus Auxiliary Services, Sodexo, etc.) may be granted access to some systems. This is determined on a case by case basis.
  • Individuals auditing courses, who are not already current students or faculty as defined previously in this policy, are treated as students with respect to most systems.  One exception includes access to Hawkmail, which is only granted to regular students.
  • Student Teaching Supervisors access the LiveText system, which is not hosted by New Paltz.  They no longer have access to SUNY New Paltz systems.

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