Linux Lab File Quota

All Linux Lab logins have a home directory where you can store your files.  There is a file quota of 500 MB for each user.  If the storage required for all of the files in your home directory reaches the file quota, you will have trouble using applications because new files won't get saved.

How to check your file quota

Your file storage quota is displayed in the MOTD app.  This can be found in the Application Menu under Accessories.

If you have a command line interface (for example, PuTTY), then you can use the command "quota -v".

How to Empty Trash

There may be large files in the Trash folder.  You can find this folder on your desktop or in the File Browser.  (The File Browser is found in the Application menu and System Tools submenu.)  Right-click on the Trash icon and select the Empty Trash option.

How to reduce the size of your Firefox cache

  1. Open up the Firefox Preferences window. 
  2. Select the Advanced category. 
  3. Select the Network Tab. 
  4. Enable the option named "Override automatic cache management".  (You may have to restart Firefox after enabling this option.) 
  5. Set the cache limit value as desired.  100 MB may be a good choice.

How to find folders that contain files that take up a lot of space

  1. In the Application Menu under System Tools is the Disk Usage Analyzer. 
  2. Click on the Scan Home button to locate folders that contain files that take up a lot of space.

How to find large files

  1. In the Applications menu at the top of the display, look in the System Tools submenu. 
  2. Select the File Browser option in the System Tools submenu.  The file browser should appear. 
  3. In the View menu of the file browser, select the List option.  You should now see a Size column in the File Browser.
  4. In the View menu of the File Browser is an option to Show Hidden Files.  This is useful because it is often hidden files and folders that use a lot of storage.

How to back up old work

Copy your work from previous semesters to other media such as a flash drive.  You can also download your work to your personal computer using WinSCP or another file transfer software.

How to check for unused files in Downloads folder

There may be large files in your Downloads folder.  You can delete unneeded files or move files to a flash drive.

What if I want to store more files?

Contact the Linux Lab administrator at to request an increase of the file storage quota.


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