In-Call Actions (Speaker, Hold, and Mute)

The following actions - speaker, hold, and mute - allow you to manage calls in various ways.  Follow the instructions in each section below to utilize these tools. 

Using the speaker function:

  • If you are already on a call, you can switch to speaker mode by pressing the speaker button.
  • When the call begins to play through the speakers, hang up the handset.
  • You can revert to the handset simply by picking it up again.  

Using the hold function:

  • To place an ongoing call on hold, press the hold button.  When a call is on hold you do not hear the caller nor can they hear you.
  • To revert to the call, press the hold button again. 

Using the mute function:

  • To mute an ongoing call, press the mute button.  When a call is muted you continue to hear the caller, but they cannot hear you.
  • To revert to a regular call, press the mute button again.

Instructional Video:


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