Bit Torrenting and Your Responsibilites as a Network User

Bit torrent programs can be legitmately used for the distribution of large files, but are, unfortunately, also associated with the illegal distribution of copyrighted content.  In order to protect yourself from unknowingly distributing copyrighted materials - as well as incurring a DMCA violation that will stay on your permenant campus record and jeopardize your ability to access the campus network - we advise you to modify the settings on any torrent client you have installed on your personal computer to prevent it from running automatically.  Failure to adjust your settings and/or unknowingly distributing copyrighted material is not considered a valid excuse for violating DMCA policy.    

The image, below, shows a typical bit torrent dashboard; the annotated area shows that content is being uploaded, which could be in violation of DMCA policy.  To learn how to modify the settings on a torrent client so it doesn't distribute files without your knowledge, click to go to the article "Disabling a Torrent Client."  If you have questions about how to disable this or any other bit torrent client, please contact the IT SERVICE DESK at 845-257-HELP (4357)  for assistance.  

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