HUM 1st Floor Classroom AV Instructions

To turn on the Projector

  • Press the DISPLAY ON button on the Crestron Control Panel
  • The screen will lower automatically
  • Please do not press any other buttons while DISPLAY ON is blinking

To display the Computer

  • Power on the Computer and log in
  • Press the PC button on the Crestron Control Panel
  • DVDs may be played through the computer

To display the Document Camera

  • Press the DOC CAM button on the Crestron Control Panel
  • The document camera will turn on automatically

To display a Laptop

  • Power on laptop
  • Connect your laptop to the VGA cable and 1/8" audio cable
  • Press the LAPTOP VGA button on the Crestron Control Panel

To display an image from an HDMI source

  • An HDMI port is provided on the connection panel located at the front of the desk, above the computer
  • Connect your equipment
  • Press the HDMI button on the Crestron Control Panel

To display the Crestron AirMedia

To play external audio

  • Connect your audio player to the 1/8" Laptop audio cable
  • Press LAPTOP AUDIO on the Crestron Control Panel
  • Allows you to play music from an external device (iPod, cell phone, laptop, etc.)

Voice Uplift

  • To use, connect a microphone to the XLR jack on the Instructor Station
  • Press the Voice Uplift button on the Crestron Control Panel
  • Control the microphone volume via the microphone input gain
  • Use phantom power if the microphone needs power to function
  • Use Program Mic Mute to mute the microphone

Other Information

  • Volume is adjusted by a knob on the Crestron Control Panel
  • Use the up and down buttons on the Five Way Navigation Pad to manually control the screen
  • At the end of class, press the DISPLAY OFF button to turn off the projector
  • Shut down the computer at the end of class
  • Never touch the ceiling mounted LCD projector - it is alarmed

For more information, Visit the Service Desk in Humanities 103 or call 845-257-HELP (4357).
Learn more about Extended Virtual Technology in the classrooms.
To request technology assistance and support, submit a ticket.
For a one-on-one demonstration of classroom AV technology, request an orientation.


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