How To Use A Stand-Alone SMART Board

OM Standalone SMART

The SMART Board in a Collaborative Classroom is NOT connected to the classroom computer or projection system. For an image to be displayed, a laptop computer or personal device must be connected to the VGA, audio and USB cables.

The SMART Board will function as a basic projector for laptops, tablets, and video players. With a laptop or tablet connected, the SMART Board's pens will function as a mouse. Please be aware that you will not be able to save your drawings or notation with this system.

OM SMART power

To turn on the SMART Board, press the Power Button, located at the bottom left.  To project an image from your laptop:

  • Located behind the SMART Board, retrieve the video 15-pin VGA cable, 1/8" mini audio cable, and USB cable. Mac users may need their own adapter. Plug the cables into your laptop. Mac users, your display needs to be set to 1280x800, 60 Hz for correct resolution.
  • Plug the power supply for your laptop into the nearest outlet. If there is no power supply, then make sure your laptop battery has a sufficient amount of charge for the duration of the task.
  • Once you've established a secure connection, turn on the power to the laptop and the SMART Board.
  • Next to the SMART Board's Power button, locate the Input button. Toggle through the series of inputs to select VGA 1. At this point your laptop should be displayed on the SMART Board.

If your laptop is not displayed on the SMART Board: At the top row of keys on your laptop, locate the F key that is labeled LCD or has an icon of a computer monitor/screen (usually F4, F7 or F8). Located at the bottom left of your keypad, next to the Ctrl key, press and hold the Fn key. Then repeatedly press the key that indicates the LCD monitor until the laptop image is fully displayed on the Smartboard: Hold Fn + Repeatedly Press F4, F7 or F8 key.


To turn off the Smartboard, press the Power button twice.  DO NOT leave the projector running!

For more information, walk in to the Service Desk in Humanities 103 or call 845-257-HELP(4357).
To request technology assistance and support, submit a ticket.
For a one-on-one demonstration of classroom A/V technology, request an orientation.

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