Convert Webpages to PDF’s: Laptops

Webpages can be converted to PDF files by “printing” the webpage in .pdf format.  This process may differ slightly depending on the type of device, type of webpage, and/or type of browser. You cannot print webpages directly using Web Print, so it is necessary to convert to .pdf if you want to print information from a webpage.  Follow the example below that best corresponds to your device type:

  1. From the webpage you wish to convert, click the browser’s menu icon (or click “Control + P” or “Command + P” to bring up the print menu).
  2. On the menu, click “Print.”
  3. Select the “Save as PDF” (or “Print to PDF”) option.
  4. Give your file a name and save it in a location you will remember.
  5. Your file has now been saved to your laptop’s hard drive.  If you wish, you can open your file manager to see your saved file. During the Web Print process, you will browse to this location to choose your saved PDF file.
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