Printing on Resume Paper

Instructions for printing on resume paper in the following areas:

  • CSB 118
  • HUM 105B 
  • VH 115 
  1. Insert 8.5” x 11” paper into tray 1
  2. Ensure that the paper guides are set to "LTR"
  3. After choosing your printer,
    select "Printer Properties"

  4. Select "Paper/Quality" tab
  5. In the "Paper Source" box, use the down arrow and highlight "Tray 1"
  6. In the "Paper Type" box, use the down arrow and highlight "More"

  7. Select "Type is"
  8. Select "Other"
  9. Select "Letterhead"
  10. Click on "OK"

  11. Click on "Print"


For B&W printers (the M806) in these same areas:

Do the same as above Plus:

  1. After you click on "Print", you may have to reload the paper in tray 1
  2. Press "OK" on the printer dashboard


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