How do I clear my browser cache/history?

If you are experiencing issues with campus systems, try clearing your browser cache.

Google Chrome

1. Open Google Chrome and look in the upper right-hand corner for the three lines.

2. Scroll down until you get to tools.

3. Select "Clear Browsing Data."

4. A window will pop-up within your Browser. Use the menu on the top to select how far back in time you want to go. 

5. Make sure to check off what you want deleted before exiting. When you are finished checking boxes select "Clear browsing data." This could take up to a few minutes based on the amount of data. 

For more information, you can check out Clear cache and cookies in Google Chrome

Mozilla Firefox

1. Open Mozilla Firefox and look in the upper toolbar for the "tools" tab.

2. Scroll down to "Clear Recent History."

3. Adjust the time range to the amount of time you wish to delete from.

4. Click details and check off everything you want to delete. When you are finished, hit the "Clear Now" button. 

For more information, you can go to Clear cache and cookies in mozilla firefox.

Internet Explorer

1. Open Internet Explorer and in the top right of the screen access the settings menu.

2. Scroll down to Safety.

3. Select Delete Browsing History.

4. Click on the buttons "Temporary Internet Files" and "Cookies."

5. At the bottom of the window, select Delete.

6. You will get a confirmation window at the bottom of the screen.

For more information, you can go to How to Clear Cache on Internet Explorer


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