How To Use A DA-LITE IDEA Screen

DA-LITE IDEA Screen Operating Instructions

  • Use the provided stylus or your finger to tap the screen in the projection area
  • On the side of the screen, a menu will appear. On this menu you will be able to choose from different "ink" colors and sizes, as well as an "eraser"
  • Click the button on the stylus to toggle between the chosen ink color and chosen eraser size
  • At the top of the menu, click the icon on the left to annotate images from your computer, or click the icon on the right to write on a blank white page separate from your computer
  • Use the back and forward blue arrow icons at the top to undo or redo drawing or writing
  • Select the marker color and size you wish to use in the middle section of the menu
  • Selecting the eraser icon at the bottom will erase all writing currently on the screen
  • You ARE able to use a dry erase marker in conjunction with the stylus. This is a special board that allows you to write with the marker directly onto the projection area however, when saving your annotations to the computer, it will save only what was written with the stylus and NOT the dry erase marker

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